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HR Tech debrief: themes and thoughts from Chicago

Posted by Christina Perry on Oct 31, 2016 4:36:31 PM
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More than 8,500 people attended the 19th annual HR Technology conference in Chicago. Whether you were among them or not, you might be interested to read some of the key takeaways from thought leaders and observers:

AI is the new black
It's no secret that machine learning and big data analytics are the future of HR technology. Their close relative, artificial intelligence, by numerous accounts, was this year's focal point.

Women on the rise in HR Technology leadership
The inaugural 'Women in HR Technology' pre-conference event shined a spotlight on some of the women leading innovation in our industry, and offered insights into the challenges women face, as well as keys for success.

And the show was not without its cynics...
Putting hype before product function and substance is always a problem, in any industry. Addressing the issues can fall by the wayside, and some HR Tech attendees felt this was the case.

Wherever you fall on the excitement vs. cynicism spectrum, there's a lot of innovation and growth happening in HR tech, and they're changing the nature of how we do our jobs.

Help and hype are both there in abundance, and with a little research, savvy shoppers will no doubt find powerful tools to transform the way they work.


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