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Restless Bandit 2017 Corporate Diversity Report: Sounding the Alarm!

Posted by Steve Goodman on Mar 29, 2017 6:01:22 AM
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In the spring of 2016, in a meeting with several members of the Restless Bandit team, the Chief Human Resources Officer of a leading global retail apparel brand made the following proclamation: “For us to be a successful company, our employee diversity must demographically mirror our customer base.” 
More and more, companies are beginning to recognize that gender, racial, ethnic, and religious diversity are becoming key performance indicators for their business.
Clearly it's a strategic move from a profitability standpoint, but my cynical side takes comfort in the greater benefits of this focus on diversity hiring. The truth is that America is becoming more diverse, not less, and by 2050 the American population will be more people  of color than white.
Given the increasing diversity of the population, large brands are realizing that their product development efforts need to be influenced by a wide range of cultures. After all, their buyers are more and more people of color. But what about their employees?
We set out to understand this gap by examining 30,304,403 resumes against industry segments (we have the individual company data too!) to see where the American workforce stands. The results are astonishing, especially in high tech.
This is a must read for all HR, Talent Acquisition, and C-level decision makers—check out Restless Bandit's 2017 Corporate Diversity Report. Click here to download.

Topics: talent acquisition, hiring, HR, implicit bias, recruiting, unconscious bias, Diversity, workplace diversity

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